PinMart Flower Enamel Lapel Pin Set -Peony Lotus Lily Daffodil



This Pin Set is designed to be a ready-to-give unique gift! Qty: Set of 5 Pins Our Flower 5-Pin Set includes our Daffodil Lapel Pin, Lotus Flower Lapel Pin, Peony Pin, Tiger Lily Flower Pin, and Lily Flower Pin. They come attached to a durable and heavy stock white card with silver shiny metallic accents for a cool look. Our bundle sets are ready to give as special gifts. SIZES: Card: 3h x 4h, Tiger Lily: 1h x 1-1/8w, Peony: 1h x 1-1/8w , White Lily: 1h x 1-1/8w, Lotus: 1, Daffodil: 1 Each pin set comes attached to a heavy duty card and placed into an organza drawstring bag.


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