Sports Gym Bag Waterproof Oxford Fabric with Nylon Fabric Lining



Zipper closure ?? ?PREMIUM QUALITY ?C A durable and reliable heavy-duty gym bag that never fails you and is always there for you to easily carry your stuff. It??s a gym bag, a yoga bag, a travel bag, its everything.?AVAILABLE IN THREE COLORS. ?? ?EVERYDAY WATERPROOF ?C Even if you live somewhere where it rains a lot, you don??t need to carry an umbrella as this waterproof gym bag will protect everything inside from rains and other everyday situations. ?? ?LARGE CAPACITY ?C This sports bag for men measures 50 x 27 x 24 cm (L x H x W) and gives you large storage space of 35 liters. You can carry all of your stuff in one bag with one hand empty. ?? ?SMOOTH ZIPPER ?C If you don??t want to see zipper problems then this is the bag for you. This travel duffle bag has industrial grade zipper on top for smooth opening and closing. ?? ?TEAR RESISTANT ?C Don??t worry if you have accidentally torn your bag from someplace. The oxford fabric with nylon lining gives this yoga bag tear resistance that stops tear progression.


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